Benefit Hoola Dupe Tested!

Hi everyone,

Not all that long ago, I picked up the W7 Honolulu bronzer, because I was amazed at how similar the packaging was to Benefit’s Hoola. Knowing that I have a mini Hoola which is going to hit pan any day, I thought I should  pick it up to investigate if we have a dupe on our hands.


L-R: Hoola, Honolulu


In terms of texture, both bronzers are really smooth and not at all chalky. They blend really nicely and feel really soft. I was genuinely impressed at how smooth the W7 bronzer is, it’s gorgeous.


Sadly, the colour of the bronzers is not really very close. Honolulu is much warmer than Hoola, and a little deeper as well. It’s nice as a light dusting to bronze the face, but definitely can’t be used as a contour, as Hoola can on some skin tones. Honolulu also has a slight shimmer to it, but I don’t find it noticeable once applied to the face. In contrast, Hoola is completely matte.


The pigmentation on Honolulu is incredible. It’s so pigmented and yet it blends so smoothly! I need the tiniest amount to warm up my face and it looks lovely. It’s more pigmented than Hoola is, so it depends what you’re after. If you like your bronzer buildable, Hoola is the way forward. But, you use a lot less product with Honolulu.

Overall Verdict

These bronzers are similar in their texture and packaging, but that’s where it ends. The W7 bronzer is gorgeous, but is not all that similar to the Benefit bronzer. If you have medium to deep skin, the W7 bronzer may even be a better match for you, but sadly, there is no dupe here in my opinion. However, both are absolutely gorgeous, and I would highly recommend them.

Have you tried either of these bronzers? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments!

Hugs and squeezes,



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