Guess who’s back!

Hiya lovelies,

I hope this community isn’t too dead by now! I wanted to give a little update about where I’ve been for the past 2 years, why I stopped blogging, and why I’m starting it back up again.

So, it’s been well over 2 years since I last put up a post on this blog and what a 2 years it has been… Since then I’ve moved in with my boyfriend, graduated from uni (with a first class masters degree, no biggie), and started learning to drive. I still very much love makeup, and like to think my skills have somewhat improved too. My makeup collection has grown… a lot in the last 2 years. All of this kind of begs the question as to why I ever stopped posting in the first place.

Truthfully, it was a combination of many factors. Firstly, I felt like I was always comparing my blog to somebody else’s. Thinking about how much better their photos looked, how much better written their posts were, and how much more creative their content was. I just didn’t have the confidence in myself to know that my own posts were just as worthwhile, and that my skills would come with time. Secondly, I was running out of time to blog- I was juggling volunteering with my degree and dancing, and struggling with my mental health. Between all my weekly activities it felt like a chore to keep up blog posts. That’s something I never wanted my blog to be. Finally, I felt constrained by being labelled as a “beauty blog”. I love makeup, but ultimately I can’t afford to keep buying it for the sake of a post- my bank account can’t take that. I felt like without buying loads of new makeup to review, I didn’t have any content. I always felt like my reviews were my best content and anything else from me was below par.

So given all these reservations, why have I decided to start blogging again? Well to start with, I have much MORE time now I’m working than I did when I was doing my degree. Secondly, I miss having a creative outlet and people to chat to about my passion. Finally, I am a much happier and more confident person now, and I think my content is likely to reflect that. There will be makeup content, don’t get me wrong, but there will also be mental health content, bullet journalling content, baking, lifestyle… Basically anything I feel I want to write about, I will. I won’t be doubting myself about if my followers are interested in my content, because the more I enjoy making content, the more likely my followers are to enjoy reading it. I won’t be forcing myself to stick to an upload schedule, but will let myself be free.

I’m sure that I will have some moments of self-doubt (who doesn’t) but I’m hopeful that these will be much fewer and far between than they were when I first made this blog. I hope you’re excited for some new content (also how sick is my new logo?)

Thanks for reading as always,

Eliza-May xoxo

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