Hiya lovelies,

Something a bit different from me today, this will be a make-up anti-haul. If you’re not familiar with the concept, I’ll be discussing new (ish) make-up releases which I won’t be purchasing and giving you my reasons why. Going to finish it off with a wishlist item though- trying to end on a happy note! Just a disclaimer, I don’t own any of these products (obviously), so none of the images here are my own.

First things first, I have to get this out of the way. This one could cause some controversy (see what I did there?). I will not be purchasing any of the JeffreeXShane conspiracy collection- not the big palette or it’s little sister, the controversy palette. Nor any of the liquid lips. I personally don’t have an issue with Jeffree nor Shane, in fact I enjoyed their series a lot. I also really love the packaging on this. I really want to try some Jeffree Star Cosmetics but this isn’t the launch for me. My problem with this collection is just the colours all around. In terms of the palette, I don’t feel inspired by the shades and there’s a few I’m just not sure I would ever get any use out of. For the price, I need to be blown away by the colour story and know I would get use from every shade. Maybe I’m asking a lot, but I am a very poor recent graduate so I need perfection for this price. In terms of the lips, I just don’t like metallic or pale lip shades on my skin tone. I’m really pale and they just make me look really ill. The others just don’t stand out to me as really unique. I know loads of people who love this collection though and really love the quality so if the colours do appeal- go for it. But sadly, this collection is a pass from me. If you are interested, you can shop the collection from BeautyBay here.

Next up is the new Colourpop Frozen 2 Anna palette. I really love the look of the Elsa palette, but right now deffo can’t afford a big colourpop splurge so I won’t be getting that either. The Anna palette though, just doesn’t appeal. Lots of beautiful warm tones which I don’t doubt will be wonderful quality, I just know I own every shade in that palette already. The packaging is so beautiful again, but I have to stop buying things just for the packaging and start thinking about how much use I’d get out of the colours. My collection is big enough that I really need something unique from a palette and this just doesn’t give it to me. If either Anna or Elsa tickle your pickle, you can grab this collection from the Colourpop website here.


Lets take a break from eyeshadow now to discuss base products. Rimmel have released a new foundation in their Lasting range, building upon the Lasting finish 25h, lasting finish breathable, and lasting radiance. By the way, I genuinely LOVE all of those 3 foundations and repurchase them regularly. So why won’t I be adding their new foundation to my collection? It’s matte *shudders*. I stay away from matte foundations as much as I can because my skin is dry and crusty enough. I don’t need anything to suck oils out of my face, thank you very much. I need something to add some oil to my face. Generally I find Rimmel foundations great, especially for the price, but this one is going to have to be a miss from me. Bit of a cop-out because it’s clearly not targeted at me and my dry skin anyway but you know what, I really wanted to talk about it. If your skin isn’t crustier than a baguette and you want to give this a go, you can get it from Superdrug here.


Next up is the Revolution Pout Bombs. These are clearly a dupe of the Fenty gloss bombs, and if I was interested in the Fenty glosses I probably would purchase these as a cheaper alternative. But you know what, it’s bloody windy where I live and I have very long hair. Lip glosses end up smeared all over my face 5 minutes after I step out the door and I am not about that life. They look beautiful, and I feel like there’s a lot of hype about how similar these are to the Fenty glosses. If you like gloss, I’d advise you to give them a go. But gloss is always a no from me. If you live somewhere with a more pleasant climate or have substantially less hair than I do and you want to check these out, you can get them from Revolution’s website here.


And finally, to finish on a high note, something I really do want and could see myself purchasing fairly soon (especially because they’re hella cheap) are the MUA blushed liquid cream blushes. Every shade looks incredible and I love cream products because (did I mention this once or twice?) I have the most crusty, dry skin ever. I only have one cream blush in my collection, and I would love to add to that. These don’t have many reviews online, but all the reviews they do have are fantastic. And they’re only £2.50??? If you’re like me and desperate to try these out, you can pick them up from Superdrug here.

So that’s all for today folks! Obviously these are just my own personal preferences and opinions- these products actually all have great reviews! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading. Will you be picking up any of these products or have you already tried them? Let me know your thoughts in the comments?

Thanks for reading,

Eliza-May xoxo

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