November Favourites

Hiya lovelies,

I thought a good start back to blogging would be with a good old fashioned favourites post. Keep reading for all my current faves; make-up, skincare, and more…

Let’s kick things off with some make-up, as I’m pretty sure that’s what most of you will be interested in. First things first is my ABH Riviera Palette, I got mine when I went to Florida over the summer because it works out a lot cheaper than getting it in the UK. This is my first ABH palette, and I got it because the colour story sang to me. I’d never been that inclined to try ABH palettes before, the colour schemes didn’t ever seem quite right for me and they’re SO spenny. But when I saw this one, and knowing the hype ABH palettes get, I had to have it. And wow, I do not regret it for a second, EVERY shade blends so beautifully, the metallics are super intense and it’s so versatile. I can do a basic neutral look with it, or I can go super colourful and bold when I’m feeling brave enough. Comes with a decent mirror and a really great brush (although it does shed a lot). Loads of kickback in the pan, but that doesn’t bother me at all.

Raw Photo (1)

Next up is my go-to foundation at the moment, my Rimmel Lasting Radiance. It’s really similar to their Match Perfection and Wake Me Up, but somehow better? It’s got more dewiness than the Match Perfection but maybe slightly less than Wake Me Up. I have mine in the shade porcelain and I do find it oxidises a little which is annoying. But, I have pretty dry skin and this makes me look fresh and doesn’t cling to my dry patches. The coverage is medium with a brush, which is perfect for me. I wish it lasted a bit longer before it starts to wear off, and it definitely wouldn’t be any good for oily skin, but for the price I can’t complain at all.

Raw Photo (3)


Another complexion product next, and it has to be my Barry M All Night Long Concealer. The major thing I have to say about this is THE COVERAGE. This will cover up your undereye bags, your massive breakouts, and all your past sins. It doesn’t get crusty or dry and it lasts, as the name suggests, all day and all night long. I don’t really have anything bad to say about it- except that sometimes when my foundation starts wearing off on my face and this stays put under my eyes then I look a bit ridiculous. But hey, that’s a foundation problem, right? It’s also SUPER cheap, which is great because I get through this like water.

Raw Photo (2)Skincare next, and I’ve been dying to share my thoughts on the Ordinary’s Hylauronic Acid. I don’t even know what this exactly does to my skin, but when I run out I notice the difference. It just makes my skin better, brighter, less breakout prone, more hydrated. I still need to use a moisturiser, and for a while I wasn’t convinced it was doing anything. Then I ran out of it. I felt like my skin so quickly became dull and dehydrated despite me caking on layers and layers of moisturiser. That’s when you know something works, my friends. I ordered another, but this time supersize, from beautybay and haven’t looked back since. It’s also really affordable, even though it feels like a luxury.


Finally, I have a couple of non-beauty faves for this month which I HAVE to talk about.

Firstly is a book which I’ve just finished and wow, I don’t remember the last time I enjoyed a fiction book this much. I borrowed mine from my local library, so it didn’t cost me anything. It’s a classic so you should be able to get hold of it from most libraries if you want to give it a read. It is The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. I am VERY late to this party, as this book came out in 2003 and has been raved about ever since. It’s one of those books I just never got around to reading until now. It tells the tale of Amir and Hassan as they grow up in Kabul. I don’t want to give too much away, but their lives take a turn as war breaks out in Afghanistan. This book covers everything. It’s a book about relationships with parents and peers, about guilt and redemption, about pride, poverty, and privilege. It’s heart wrenching in so many ways, this is not a book to read in public if you’re a bit of a crier (like me) as it WILL have you in tears on the bus. It will make you feel so many things, in places you don’t know who you’re rooting for. Well worth a read.

Finally, to end on a really light and cheery note, Junior Bake Off. I’m a huge fan of GBBO, and when it ended I was gutted, until I discovered this gem. This gives me all that baking content I need. The kids on it are INCREDIBLE, far more talented than I will ever be. They’re also hilarious, and full of personality. I don’t love Harry Hill as a presenter, but I realise this show is actually meant for children so I don’t feel I can complain. Prue Leith judges alongside Liam Charles from GBBO series 8. I think these two make a great judging pair, they’re kind but constructive in their critiques. It’s such a calming and light-hearted watch, definitely what I needed after reading a few chapters of The Kite Runner. I believe you can catch up on it on All4, hooray.

And that’s all for this month! Ended up being a long one, didn’t it? What have your favourites been this month? Have you used any of the products I spoke about? What did you think about them? And please tell me someone else has read the Kite Runner and watched Junior Bake Off! I’m dying to discuss. Thanks as always for reading,

Eliza-May xoxo

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