BBC Winter Good Food Show 2019

Hiya lovelies,

Already been a while, hasn’t it? Time kind of ran away with me there in the run up to Christmas. But, I’ve just got home from a wonderful day at the BBC Good Food Show, and thought I’d give you a run down on what it was like and what I got up to. I was kindly given a press pass for this event, which included a plus one so I decided to take my dad. He’s pretty into cooking so I thought he’d enjoy the day out. Also- please excuse the photos throughout, I’m not a photographer and it was busy and a little dimly lit.

11:15am- Interview With Mary Berry

We arrived around 11am, and decided to head straight to the Good Food stage, where Mary Berry was having an interview. She was really sweet and gave some great tips for Christmas day, as well as doing a little promo for her new TV special with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It’s called “A Berry Royal Christmas”, and airs on 16th December at 8:30pm on BBC1.

12:00pm- Christmas Day with Masterchef’s Billy and Jack

Next stop after seeing Mary was the QVC Kitchen, where we saw a demo from Billy and Jack. These two met when competing on Masterchef in 2016, where they both made it to the final. They now work as a duo, and work really well together. They showed us how to make a roast turkey, sausage, and cranberry ballotine. If you don’t know what a ballotine is, neither did I. It’s basically rolled up turkey leg meat, with sausage stuffing which is wrapped in parma ham. It looked INCREDIBLE, and these two were such a lovely pair. Do check out their website here for some amazing food inspo and recipes.

13:30pm- James Martin Big Kitchen Session


Next up it was time to head to the Big Kitchen for our allotted session. We saw James Martin prepare three different dishes, but mostly crack jokes. This guy is hilarious, we actually thought he might have had a few cheeky bevs backstage to warm up and the audience were loving it. The food looked great but it felt like a comedy show with a bit of cooking thrown in (definitely not a bad thing).

14:00pm-15:00pm- Having a wander

After our session in the big kitchen, we had quite a lot of time before the next thing we wanted to do so we seized the opportunity to have a look around some of the stands exhibiting. There’s a huge mix of food, drinks, equipment, utensils, everything you could imagine including some non-food related items. There were even some kitchen bins with an RRP of over £200 (which actually looked really cool but who has £200 to spend on a bin?) Loads of places were giving out free samples, including lots of alcohol, cheeses, and chutneys. My dad purchased some slimming world friendly instant coffee in festive flavours for my mum, and I got a veggie samosa (not photographed because I ate it too fast) All around there was loads of variety and generally decent prices.

15:00pm- Puddings with Rahul

Our final stop of the day was to see Rahul Mandal (aka Bake-Off WINNER 2018!) cooking some puddings in the QVC Kitchen. He made some santa hat meringues and chocolate bark, both looked great. He also gave some great tips on the meringue (don’t add all your sugar at once folks). Such cute festive pudding ideas and he spoke loads about his time on bake-off which was really interesting. He told us he sometimes used to practice elements of his bakes the night before in his hotel room! That’s dedication. Had such a lovely time seeing him, and my dad even managed to get a photo op.

After that we had another roam around the stalls and headed home! All in all, a really lovely day which has definitely got me into the festive spirit. I’d definitely recommend going next year, or to the summer one. More information about the shows can be found on their website here.

Have you been to the good food show? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading,

Eliza-May xoxo

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